Wellness for Law Forum

Wellness for Law UK was initiated by Rachel Spearing, Co-Founder of the Bar Wellbeing Project who is a Barrister in practice engaged with the academic study and support for Wellbeing in the legal profession. The organisation is overseen and managed by an Advisory Board of professionals connected to the Network objectives.

Through a Network of Professionals experienced in supporting high performing people, wellness for law exists to support the legal profession in maintaining a healthy and ethical professional working life. It operates as a ‘not for profit’ organization with an ethos of supporting lawyers with education, training and bespoke services to maintain and optimize their performance and wellbeing.

Those receiving the info enquiry are not subject to the BSB Handbook Reporting Requirements. All those managing the information referral have confidentiality and none disclosure clauses within their service support to the Profession.

2019 Conference

The organisation for the 2019 Conference is well underway. If you have any comments or suggestions for topics, then please submit them via email to rachel@rachelspearing.com.

The Forum will be held on Friday 21st June 2019 and hosted by UCL in London.  The theme for this year is TRiM for Law (Trauma Risk Management).

Join The Network

The Network aims to create a community of lawyers, practice managers, clinicians and academics.

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