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Wellness for Law UK was initiated by Rachel Spearing, Co-Founder of the Bar Wellbeing Project who is a Barrister in practice engaged with the academic study and support for Wellbeing in the legal profession. The organisation is overseen and managed by an Advisory Board of professionals connected to the Network objectives.

Wellness for Law UK aims to build a community of legal practitioners, academics and clinicians, who are committed to sharing research, information, best practice and collaborating to promote wellness throughout legal education and continuing professional development in practice.

Wellness for Law has a network of professionals who are committed to improving the quality of working life and wellbeing of the legal profession. The network aims to deliver quality education and training to new and established practitioners to understand human performance, manage stress and pressure and develop resilience for the challenges of practice.

The network also provides critical care, counselling, therapy and support to those professionals requiring management and recovery from challenges experienced within their working lives. Those working within the Network are highly skilled, professionally referenced and experienced at understanding and responding to the demands experienced by the legal profession.

All those working with Wellness for Law are subject to confidentiality and none disclosure agreements and hold individual professional regulation and insurance.

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